J & R Transport was established in 1964 by Charles and Susanne Christian. The business is still owned and operated by Susanne and her family. J & R began in Woodward with two transports, a bobtail and three drivers. Since then, its fleet has grown. The J & R corporate business has expanded into four businesses, each with their own specialized equipment and services it provides to the oil and gas industry.

     All of the businesses are listed below and operate in the tri-state area of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. All four businesses are based out of the same home office located at 4230 Oklahoma Ave. in Woodward Oklahoma. In addition to our main office, we have three satellite locations in Vici, Freedom, and El Reno Oklahoma.

     All offices may be reached 24 hours a day by calling the central dispatch number listed below:

Central dispatch telephone number: (580) 256-6461

J & R Transport, Inc. -est. 1964

Owners: Susanne Christian, David Christian, Laura Perkins, Carla English and Donna Murphy

J & R Service Co., Inc. -est. 1967

Owner: Susanne Christian

Hot Oil Units, Inc. - est. 1976

Owners: David Christian and Kevin Halley

J & R Dirt Works, LLC -est. 2007

Owners: Kevin Halley, David Christian, Laura Perkins and Donna Murphy

We are continually growing and adding to the services we provide as well as the areas in which we provide service.